A Home Away from Home

Little Grassy Camp wants, for whatever length of time you choose, to be your home away from home.  To this end our mission is three-fold. 

Little Grassy provides adults and children transforming:

•settings for re-creation

•intensives for spiritual formation

•hospitality to all

When we say settings for re-creation we mean two things.  First, we use the word "re-creation" in the usual sense of the word "recreation": a leisure activity people do to relax or have fun. There are many ways to do that at Little Grassy!  We also use the word "re-creation" in a more literal sense of being created again or Girls-w-Paddlesexperiencing refreshment of strength, spirit, and identity.  Re-creation brings us back to the home within us as we remember that we are valued simply because we exist and because we are loved by our Creator.  

Intensives for spiritual formation refers to experiences of intentional and deep immersion in the places where God is found most readily:  in the natural world; in schedules free from "must-dos" and distractions; in the “dis-location” of different routines and surroundings; in study and reflection on scripture and writings that are sacred or edifying to the guest; and in relations that are built at mealtime, around a campfire or fireplace, and in play with others. It is said that home is where the heart is.  We believe that home is in all those places where God is encountered.

Kids-MasadaIllinois Great Rivers Conference camps are also committed to extending hospitality to all.  We want our home to be our guests’ home for the length of their stay.  To that end we commit to cleanliness, friendliness, availability, and making every effort to see that our guests’ needs are met.