A Master Plan

LGAerialMapAging buildings and changes in user preferences and land use have prompted a major makeover at Little Grassy camp.  In broad strokes the plan brings most lodging and activities closer to the present dining hall.  The plan also includes two new all-season youth lodges, a major renovation of the south camp's dining hall and meeting center, repurposing or sprucing up of old cabins, the erection of a pavilion for covered recreation space, a more welcoming entry to the camp, and relocated parking.

New camper housing 

The new lodge (exterior and floor plan pictured below) would sleep 36 campers with adults in separate niches, but within ear shot or eye sight of campers.  It would also have meeting space for groups.  The lodge would be all-season with climate control and located on the edge of timber in the long, open stretch between the tabernacle and dining hall.  The site plan has room for two lodges.Lodge



  To the right is a concept of the new lodge for youth.  A floor plan is below.  The southernmost lodge will have outdoor restrooms attached so campers so campers in the Tabernacle have modern facilities close by.













Major Remodel of Cedar Lodge

The Cedar Lodge Dining Hall is, of all the existing buildings, the one expecting to undergo the greatest changes.  In the plan, the lodge would get a new exterior.  The interior of the dining hall space would be expanded and the kitchen remodeled to modernize and improve efficiency.  A covered outdoor dining area is proposed as an addition to the private dining room. The entrance would have an extended canopy and be widened in the interior by tearing out the current bathrooms and moving them to the north side of the dining hall, where an exterior door is also proposed.  Windows need to be replaced and climate control improved. 






  Middle School PavilionLG Pavilion

 Campers staying at Disciple Ridge will need a landing place when they take the hefty hike to the north side for meals, swimming, and other activities.  A covered space is also needed for activities on rainy days, and the roof will be high enough for volleyball.  There will be restrooms, cubbies for storage of the campers' clothing, outdoor "wash-off-the-sand" showers, and a big fireplace.







 A New Entry

LG New EntryThe master plan concept includes a new entrance which achieves the following: When guests drive up the last hill to the ridge they will first see a small pavilion for camper check-in.  A new office and health center will be located to the north.  The current office will be torn down to open up the space between the Tabernacle and Cedar Lodge.  Parking will be located to the right and around the corner.  Our consultant also played around with the idea of a tower that would provide a nice view of the lake from the top of the ridge.

Other Concepts

The plan also calls for updating of Disciple Ridge Cabins, and the conversion of hillside cabins into activity centers.  In the last phase of the master plan, the hope is to build a senior high village in an almost hidden space at the northwest side of the area behind Cedar Lodge.  The old north side dining hall, which just a hop, skip, and a jump from Disciple Ridge, will be updated to provide an activity center and possible a second kitchen.  The Tabernacle will see some improvements, too.  Some of the north camp cabins will need to be razed for the purpose of transferring footprint allowance for new construction on the south.  The plan at the present time is otherwise not to use the north camp.