COVID 19 Update



We have missed you and we look forward to extending a warm welcome upon your arrival. While the place has not changed, we are committed to doing our part to keep everyone healthy. Here is the fine print and how you can help:

East Bay & Little Grassy receive licensure through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). As such, we are required to follow the protocols set by the IDPH to continue our operations. The following is a list of current policies and protocols required for guests to be present on site. This policy outlines strategies that our camping and retreat programs will use to maintain healthy environments and operations, lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, and prepare for what to do if guests or campers present with symptoms or become ill while at camp. We will continue to monitor the CDC guidelines for the county in which we are located in. Please note that the policy may change in accordance with the CDC.

  1. We love singing! Please be mindful that it continues to be safest to sing outside or social distanced. 
  2. The Camp will provide various products for individual and group sanitization. It will be each group’s responsibility to sanitize frequent touch points. Once your group has arrived the host staff will not be routinely entering the buildings unless asked by the leaders or unless there is an emergency.
  3. Please see the camp host should you need masks or sanitizing supplies.
  4. Groups are responsible for having an isolation room or area for anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms. It is also strongly recommended that groups have an alternative transportation plan home for any participant who begins to experience symptoms or who presents with symptoms for more than 24 hours. 
  5. It is suggested that groups temperature check all participants at the beginning of every camp/retreat and every three days. The Camp will provide a digital thermometer if needed. It is the responsibility of the group leaders to notify the host staff of temperatures over 100 degrees, or if participants have any Covid-like symptoms. 
  6. All participants/guardians must sign the COVID-19 Release Waiver each time they come to camp. 
  7. A list of all participants’ names, addresses, and phone numbers must be given to Camp Host for contact tracing purposes, along with the all-release waivers at the beginning of the camp/retreat. 
  8. Our camp and retreat staff stand ready to serve you in all regards. Please know it is not our practice to monitor your group’s interpretation of these safe practices, but we stand ready to support you as the group leader should you need our assistance.