How are summer camper accidents and illnesses handled?

When a summer camper gets sick, parents/guardians will be notified of:
  • An illness that persists longer than 24 hours; including fevers, coughs, excess expulsion of bodily fluids, allergic reactions, severe tiredness.
  • An injury that causes severe prolonged pain, discoloration and/or swelling.
  • A condition that cannot be sufficiently treated by camp/retreat personnel.
  • A condition requiring a higher level of medical services than the camp/retreat provides.
The camp site will provide transportation to the nearest medical facility if the parent/guardian chooses.  Please note!  The camp site responds to emergencies appropriate to the level of perceived need, including calling for an ambulance. All charges for such emergencies are the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

Should a claim arise, a claim report form will be provided by the camp or the Springfield Camping Office. Please send all bills incurred to the address in the heading of this letter. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with your questions.