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L. has always loved to sing and act and has never been shy or quiet. Last year, however, she had her first small relationship with a boy who Í am learning wanted more than she thankfully would do. She lost a lot of weight, lost all her color, stopped singing at home or wanting to do much of anything. We lost our L. When I came to pick her up at camp she was back-- jumping off the walls, singing, eating chocolate (which was her favorite, and she hadn't had in month). She was singing and praising God, and I owe all that to AIR and you all. I got the greatest gift by sending her there-- I got my daughter back. Now, S. was often easy to anger and struggled with severe mood swings. AIR opened her right up-- she sings in public-- performed at church-- and claims her God-given talents with smiles of joy. She wants to grow up and pursue ministry-- MINISTRY-- this coming from a kid who freaked out every time we prayed out loud. Now she leads the most beautiful prayers at supper. Camp changed our lives, their lives, and all the lives of those they come in contact with. Almost every day they said they can't wait to go back and that it was their favorite memory thus far in their lives-- WOW!!!!! I am so grateful to Little Grassy and that our church helped make it possible.
A grateful parent
Our camping ministry is one of (if not THE) strongest evangelism tool reaching our children and youth. Spending time surrounded by God's creation in all that is said and done, awakens and rekindles the Spirit within. Thanks be to God for all the faithful volunteers and staff over the years. You have truly been the heart of Jesus, changing our world!
Pastor Sharon Monroe, Mansfield UMC
I went to camp as a child and my kids went to camp. We all enjoyed it! Camp allows people to take a look at their faith as they soak up the glory of nature that God has created, without the distractions at home.